BONTON’s Family Club.

The BONTON story.

BONTON: the art of living with a colourful, playful French twist.   

For over 20 years now, the Parisian brand has been dreaming up timeless, high-quality products for the whole family to enjoy. 

BONTON’s calling is to inject a little joy into big moments and everyday life.


First launched in 2001, BONTON is a unique concept store and a leading, highly desirable brand with a conscience for the whole family.

Cool and breezy with an emphasis on mixing up styles and injecting them with colourful vibrancy, the brand creates little treasures for the home and customers of all ages. The BONTON spirit shines through in its inimitable je ne sais quoi, an inspiring sense of momentum that speaks to all.

More than just retail spaces, BONTON’s concept stores and corners are places of togetherness. At its heart, BONTON is a way of life.

In just a few years, BONTON has added fashion accessories, cosmetics, furniture, décor and toys to its clothing collections: an exclusive, creative offering starring high-quality finishes, expert artistry, and ethical, responsible production chains.


ONTON dresses the entire family, from babies and kids to teens and mums. 

BONTON’s trademark flair is put to work in collections that are instantly recognisable through their unique colour palettes, practical fits and eye-catching design. The pieces here are timeless and offer unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement, forever in step with the cool, playful quality inherent to children’s lives.

Cotton, prints and embroidery take centre stage in its collections, and the BONTON wardrobe also has a permanent range in double cotton gauze: a commitment to comfort and colourful simplicity available all year round. 

Its must-have accessories feature BONTON’s signature star-scattered and foulfleur prints. For over 20 years now, BONTON’s floaty scarves, shoppers and totes have kept customers coming back time and time again. Season after season, our style experts get to work in their Parisian ateliers to dream up new takes on these iconic pieces. Summer and winter alike, the brand experiments with colours, patterns and fabrics for a never-ending procession of fresh spins on its best-selling accessories. 


Our Home range was introduced in 2018, and continues to grow with each passing season. The passionate Lifestyle team works hard to come up with items that appeal to the entire family.

Rattan — BONTON’s signature material — sets the tone for the Bohème furniture collection, while cotton gauze leads the way across the home linens range. 

Décor, accessories, furniture and furnishings are designed to embody a sense of well-being perfectly in step with comfy, cosy family living.


With its line of natural fragrances and organic cosmetics, the brand is committed to the daily care of babies, children, pregnant women, the family and the home, while protecting the environment. 

So she designed a line of natural and organic cosmetics, COSMOS ORGANIC, certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard, not forgetting her iconic star-sown signature.

Our line of Cosmos Organic-certified organic and natural cosmetic products sets out to achieve just this.